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At BTCC we are passionate about making a positive, sustainable impact on the poverty we see in Nicaragua. 

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"Making a Concrete Difference In the World"


"I thought I would go to Nicaragua once, I would build a house, and that would be the end. Far from it!

I thought I was going there to help people who have nothing, but it turns out that what they gave me was far more than the house we built for them.

I saw a people that have nothing but are happy, content, are family- and community-oriented. Their example to me was life changing."

​- Cathy Z, Nicaragua team member for 5 trips and counting!

"I reached a point in my life where I felt I needed to do more than the charity work I was doing from the comfort of my own home and office.

Bridges to Community Canada offered a unique challenge to travel to a part of the world I had never been; to challenge myself mentally without the comforts of home and to help physically build a community that was in great need.

I recommend to anybody that they challenge themselves and go beyond their comfort level in order to grow."

​- Paul M, member of our 2014 team that built a school


"That one week has changed my life forever. My employer chose me and a fellow co-worker to help build two homes alongside Bridges to Community Canada in Sasle, Nicaragua. Throughout the entire trip I felt welcomed, safe and inspired.

By building homes for these Nicaraguan families, I got to see what every day life is like for the people living in this community. I not only changed their lives, but they changed mine in such a beautiful way. I am more grateful, patient, and a much more well-rounded person now.

The things BTCC are doing in these communities is so eye opening and heart warming." 

​- Kayla B, first-time trip member in January 2015


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