About Us

In January of 2005, Rick Bauman was the sole Canadian in a group of 21 US insurance agents. He went on a house building trip to Nicaragua sponsored by Bridges to Community, a Westchester, New York based charity. He was so taken with the experience that he vowed to return the next year with a group of Canadian insurance brokers.

And he did. In January, 2006, a group of seven brokers and their friends traveled to Las Conchitas, Nicaragua, built two houses and formed a vision to build 100 houses within the next five years. Bridges to Community Canada was created in 2006, $750,000 has been raised and house number 100 was dedicated in January of 2012.

BTCC Board

Just one of the homes built by the BTCC team in Nicaragua

Our New Vision

Bridges to Community Canada now has a new vision – to raise $1,000,000 and in partnership with the district of Jinotega in northern Nicaragua, build another 100 houses, 80 latrines, two schools and several water distribution systems in the communities of El Sasle and El Mojon.

The first project in El Sasle was completed and dedicated on February 21, 2013 – a three room school addition which will allow the community to expand their overcrowded school to accommodate 70 new students raising the total to 250.

Since then we have constructed over 60 houses, 16 latrines, 2 schools and a Resource Centre to support the El Sasle school attendees. The Resource Centre was funded entirely by the staff of RSA Insurance employees from across Canada!

Resource Centre

The new Resource Centre in El Sasle

Our Core Values

All of the work we do at BTCC is directed by our set of strongly-held core values:

  • Passion – We are passionate about making a positive, sustainable impact on the poverty we see in Nicaragua
  • Respect – We respect the people and communities we work with
  • Sharing – We believe we are truly blessed and we share our gifts generously
  • Advocacy – We tell the BTCC story to anyone who will listen
  • Community – We continuously build our community of supporters

BTCC Leadership

Leading the way to achieving our new vision is the oustanding Bridges to Community Canada Board of Directors.

BTCC Board

Our team includes the following Board Members:

  • Chris Ball, Vancouver BC
  • Jim Ball, Vancouver BC
  • Rick Bauman, Waterdown ON
  • Sadie Bauman, Waterdown ON
  • Joe Davies, Waterdown ON
  • Stephen Savage, Windsor ON
  • Karl Seger, Toronto ON
  • Don Vince, Burlington ON
  • Gary Woodward, Oakville, ON
  • Bob Tisdale, Toronto, ON

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