Sasle School in Jinotega

Here is a link to an article about the only school in Jinotega, Nicaragua available to the community of Sasle. It is also used as a community centre and a shelter. This article shows the vital importance of this structure in the community and our volunteers helped make it a reality!

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My first trip to Nicaragua

Prior to going to Nicaragua I signed up for two outreach trips with another organization to travel to Nicaragua and backed out twice. At the time I didn’t feel I was ready for the experience and now having been with CSG I am really happy that I waited. The experience in itself was absolutely incredible. […]

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Trip to Nicaragua February 2016

We have many trip participants and every one of them manages to take something away and feel rewarded. They all go expecting to help families and build homes and schools but they never expect that the trip will change them. There is so much to take away from a trip like this and it’s an opportunity […]

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My experience in Nicaragua

Our journey with Bridges to Communities started over a year ago when Janice told me she wanted to go build homes with Bridges in November of 2015.    It had always been an item on my bucket list, to actually go assist somewhere in the world and help those in need, so I said I’m in.   […]

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