What We Do

BTCC works in partnership with the northern Nicaraguan community of Jinotega. Specifically, our projects are focused in 4 areas that will help improve the quality of life for residents in this community.

1. Housing

What a difference a safe and solid house can make. For many families in the areas where we work, such a house is only a dream. Reality is a house cobbled together with scrap lumber, rusted metal, and plastic sheeting. Reality is a house with a leaky roof and a dirt floor—a breeding ground for chronic health problems. Reality is doors and windows that cannot lock or even close, that can’t keep out the weather or keep the family safe from intruders.

Old House

Just one of the many broken down houses families in Jinotega call home.

Bridges to Community’s Housing Program seeks to make this dream come true. We build sturdy cinderblock homes that are earthquake resistant and are designed to withstand years of heavy winds and rain.

Rebuilt house

Rebuilding that home, making it a safe and secure place to live.

BTCC works to secure land titles for the owners so that families have a place to call their own for generations. The new homes become a place of pride where the owners can host their friends, families, and neighbours.

2. Health

Imagine what it would be like if the closest source for clean running water was located a mile from your home. For many people around the globe, that’s the reality they live with every day.

We dig wells and build water systems to deliver potable water, dramatically improving family living standards, reducing disease and child mortality, freeing girls’ and women’s time, as well as improving school attendance. We design and build hygienic latrines to improve sanitation and install high-efficiency indoor stoves to reduce illnesses.

3. Education

In many communities where we work, educational resources are stretched to the breaking point. Most notably, the schools, when they exist, are seriously overcrowded. Classes are doubled up and many children attend for only a few hours a day, or have to walk long distances to attend classes in another town. As a result the dropout rate is high as children often give up in frustration, never gaining the reading and math skills they need to succeed in life.


Our work provides children with better education and a brighter future.

Our Education Program works to ensure that there can be educated leaders, doctors, engineers and skilled workers in the next generation. We construct classrooms, libraries, and other school buildings—creating safe and secure environments for learning to take place. In addition, community schools provide a space for adults to advance their education through evening and weekend workshops.

4. Economic Development

Better health, homes, and education are a start. But for families living in remote areas, even putting food on the table is often a daily struggle. Many families are dependent on farming small plots of land for both food and income. Relying on traditional farming methods, farmers and their families labor long hours for minimal return.

Bridges to Community’s Economic Development Program seeks to strengthen farmers’ economic security through education and the implementation of sustainable farming practices. With a focus on three main areas—crop diversification, sustainable farming methods and increased access to market—farmers will see an increase in agricultural output and, along with it, better opportunities for their family’s future.

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